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Generate 416 Unique Visitors to Your Website in ONE Day, Free!

by: Harmony Major

In only one day, I had over 400 new visitors clamoring their way into my website. I didn't use spam, it wasn't through ezine advertising, and it didn't cost me anything -- not one thin dime.

So how did I do it? What was the FREE, "secret" technique that I used to start a virtual avalanche of unique visitors to my new website? I'll tell you...

I got HomeBasedHeaven.com a NUMBER ONE listing on Yahoo!, the most popular and well-trafficked searchable directory online. My traffic literally exploded by 400+ new visitors less than 24 hours after my new site's listing first appeared.

Here are a few tips for getting YOUR site listed on Yahoo:


You know the routine. No dead links, no "under construction" signs, no poorly-designed websites, etc. They're all pretty much common sense details, but they're IMPORTANT details that you definitely need to pay attention to. Yahoo! isn't going to list sites that look like they've been designed by third-graders, so your site needs to be in tip-top shape.


Again, common sense. Choose the most specific category furthest from the top level category to make Yahoo! reviewers happy. The more work you make for them, the less likely it is that they'll approve your site submission.

And, despite what most online marketers are saying about listing your category in the same one as your competitors, that's NOT the best way to go. Why? Just because a competing site is listed in a category doesn't mean YOUR site should be. Start from the topmost category relevant to your site (i.e. Business and Economy), and work your way down.


If Yahoo! gives you a chance to suggest your site in more than one category, you'd bloody well better take advantage! Do you know how much traffic one listing in Yahoo! can give you? Yes? Then you know how important it is to MAXIMIZE on that traffic. Choose another highly-relevant category and suggest that one too, when their submission form asks for it. Getting listed in two categories can mean several hundred more visitors for you!


They say they give you 25 words for your site's description, but if you submit that many, your description is DEFINITELY getting chopped down. You don't want to risk important keywords being dropped from your listing, so 12-15 words is the absolute MAXIMUM you should submit in your description. Anything more than that, and you should trash your description, and write a better one.

If YOU don't, THEY will.


Now that you've gone through the blood pressure raising process of meticulously submitting your site to Yahoo!, here comes the hard part. Waiting. You'll know when (or if) your site gets accepted into the directory, because you'll get an e-mail letting you know the category you were accepted into.

If you get listed, your site will be at the top of its category in the "what's new" section for the first 2-3 days. It won't be added into the searchable database until a few days after it has been accepted. But, if worse comes to worst...


Very few sites make it in on their first try, and that's not an accident. Few sites make it on their first try because they simply haven't followed the instructions well, their site was never looked at (probably because of a poorly worded listing), or their site wasn't of the high quality that Yahoo! expects.

In any case, be persistent, and submit your site again. You can resubmit every 2-3 weeks (to the same category) without being penalized for spamming, according to Yahoo! editors themselves. So, make the most of that opportunity, and keep submitting your site until you get in.

NOTE: If you haven't gotten listed by the 3rd or 4th time you submit your site, there's obviously something wrong with it. Improve it before you bombard Yahoo! with resubmissions, and you'll greatly improve your chances of getting listed.

However, if you KNOW you have a top-notch site and you still haven't gotten it listed yet, try sending an e-mail to url-support@yahoo.com Include the date you last submitted, the category you submitted to, and your site title and URL. If you haven't heard back from them after 7-10 days, optimize your site and start submitting again!


My website was accepted into Yahoo! after the second submission, and e-mailing URL support. It was listed #1 for three search terms, and on the first page of search results for a few others. Do a search for "home-based jobs" on Yahoo!, and my first site, (Home-Based Heaven) will come up #1.

Within 24 hours, I had over 400 unique visitors to my website from a number one listing in the directory. Sure, a listing on Yahoo! is good, but a number one listing is better! See my special report below for information on how to optimize your site and your listing for a NUMBER ONE listing on Yahoo. Good luck!

About The Author
Harmony Major is the author of Yahoo! Secrets, where she reveals how YOU can drive HUNDREDS more visitors to your site each day, by getting a #1 listing on Yahoo. Don't just settle for "getting listed." Use her instantly-effective tactics to boost your site traffic with a TOP Yahoo listing! Visit: http://YahooSecrets.com

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